Meldonium in sports

Mildronate® is very popular among athletes who train in aerobic style at high intensity. Why? Let's try to figure it out.

Meldonium :

  • increases overall performance
  • accelerates nervous excitation (this is important for improving the work of muscles)
  • helps to cope with stress, nervous and mental stress (especially during the competition)
  • improves the transport of glucose to cells. As a result - to provide the heart and brain with energy - requires less glucose in the blood
  • accelerates the excretion of decay products

The effectiveness of Mildronate® in sports is noted by many athletes. They become more dexterous, speed of movements increases. The additional benefit of taking Meldonium is improving memory and speeding up the thinking process.
If you answer the question about why you need Mildronate in sports, you can draw the following conclusions: the conservation and rational use of existing energy and other resources in the body, increasing the performance of the athlete in extreme conditions.
Mildronate® is particularly popular in athletes engaged in aerobic style. It allows them to maintain a cardiac tone, to prevent abnormal hypertrophy. Therefore Mildronate® is very often prescribed for skiers and runners.
Athletes who prefer strength training in sports (bodybuilding, powerlifting) also apply Mildronate® before training. However, there is a misconception that this substance accelerates the growth of muscle mass. Mildronate® in bodybuilding and powerlifting is used as prevention of overwork, overtraining. It does not affect on the growth of muscles directly.

How to take Mildronate® in sports

The correct dosage of Mildronate® in sports is very important for every athlete. If you play sports, experience physical overload - you should calculate the daily dose of Mildronate® as follows: 15-20 mg of the drug per 1 kg of body weight.
Mildronate in sports should be taken 1 time a day - 30 minutes before training. The course of application usually lasts from 6 weeks to 3 months. Then the body begins to get used to the drug, so you need to take a break for 4 weeks.

Athletes can take Meldonium as tablets (capsules) or injections.
If you choose tablets, the maximum daily dose is 2 grams (2000 mg).
Let's note that injections are 2 times more effective.
It is advisable to combine the intake of Mildronate with L-carnitine or Riboxin.

Mildronate: withdrawal time from the body

Due to the fact that Meldonium is recognized as doping from January 1 , 2016 - many athletes are interested in the question of how long Meldonium is excreted from the body. Actually it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer since this issue has not been fully studied.

According to various sources the withdrawal time of Meldonium from the athlete's body is 24 hours with a single use. With systematic use the withdrawal of Meldonium from the body can occur in a few months. Some specialists are are expressing an assumption that Meldonium is excreted from the body completely from 100 to 120 days.

Why is Mildronate Prohibited?

Since the beginning of 2016 Mildronate is doping because it's listed on the anti-doping list. Therefore Mildronate® is prohibited in sports. Why this happened - is a big question. After all this drug is prescribed even for pregnant women, people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Every second pensioner in Russia uses Mildronate® regularly for the doctor's appointment.

Anyway now Mildronate belongs to the class of hormones with metabolic modulators. An athlete who uses this substance in a competitive or out-of-competition period may be disqualified for 4 years

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Meldonium in sports