L-Carnitine is used as a component of the complex therapy of acute hypoxia states (acute brain hypoxia, ischemic cerebral attack, transitory ischemic attack). L-carnitine is used in acute, subacute and rehabilitation periods of brain circulation disturbances. It is also used for the treatment of a dyscirculatory encephalopathy and different traumatic and toxic injuries of brain, in a rehabilitation period after surgical invasions. Elcar is effective for the treatment of a primary and secondary carnitine deficiency, including patients with a chronic renal insufficiency, treated with a hemodialysis; for treatment a cardiomyopathy, ischemic heart disease (angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction, post-infarction states), hypo-perfusion due to a cardiogenic shock and other metabolism disturbances in myocardium.

L-carnitine solution for injections

Brand name : Elcar (in Cyrillic : Элькар)
Active substance: L-carnitine (Levocarnitinum)
Manufacturer: PIQ Pharma (Russia) http://piqpharma.com/ !! please take a note, that product can be labeled in Russian and provided with instructions in Russian. if you need instructions in English - you can download PDF file below

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L-carnitine injections (Elcar®)

10 ampoules x 5ml (100 mg/ml)

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