Cardionate® [Meldonium]

Cardionate is an authentic russian product manufactured under strict control of russian authorities.

Active substance : pure Meldonium

Pharmacologic action

Meldonium restores the balance between delivery of oxygen  and cellular oxygen demand, eliminates the accumulation of toxic products of metabolism in the cells, protecting them from damage; also has great tonic effect. 
As a result of its use - the body acquires the ability to withstand stress and to quickly restore energy reserves. Because of these properties Meldonium is  used to treat a varietyof disorders of the cardiovascular system, the blood supply to the brain, as well as to improve physical and mental performance. As a result of reducing the concentration of carnitine hard gamma-butyrobetaine is synthesized, and it has vasodilating properties. 

In the case of acute ischemic myocardial injury Meldonium slows the formation of necrotic areas, and allows to shorten the rehabilitation period. In heart failure, increasesmyocardial contractility, increases exercise tolerance, reduces the frequency of angina attacks. In acute and chronic ischemic cerebrovascular disorders improves blood circulation in the ischemic focus, promotes redistributionof blood to the ischemic area. It is effective in the case of vascular and dystrophic pathology of the ocular fundus. The drug eliminates functional disturbances of the central nervous system in patients with chronic alcoholismduring abstinence syndrome.


  • Sport. Please read about How to use Meldonium in sports ( also in Spanish )
  • complex therapy of IHD (angina, myocardial infarction);
  • chronic heart failure and cardiomyopathy dyshormonal and complex therapy of acute and chronic disorders of the brainblood supply (cerebral strokes and cerebrovascular insufficiency);
  • abstinence syndrome in chronic alcoholism (in combination with specific alcoholism therapy);
  • reduced working capacity, physical stress, includingin athletes.

You are about to buy authentic Cardionate® (pure Meldonium) that may be labeled in Russian and provided with instructions in Russian
if you need instructions in English - you can download PDF file below
That pamphlet contains full information about Pharmacologic action, Pharmacokinetics, Indications and Contraindications, Side effects, Interactions, Dosing and Administration and Storage conditions of Meldonium.

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Cardionate® (Meldonium)

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