Actovegin in sports

Actovegin is very popular in sports. It is used primarily to improve peripheral circulation or to restore the overall supply of glycogen.
Actovegin improves the transport and storage of glucose and oxygen (insulin-like effect). It also increases the supply of organs and tissues with blood. Ischemic tissue damage is reduced. Metabolism within cells is accelerating. Actovegin improves energy and muscle contractility, serves as an obstacle to the accumulation of lactate in muscles (Lactate -a salt of lactic acid - accumulates in muscles during hypoxia, which leads to impaired breathing of tissues, fatigue, and muscle pains). These unique properties of Actovegin are very helpful to athletes: from how oxygen deficiency in muscle tissues is eliminated, depends the result of training and success in the sport.
The conducted research of Actovegin on professional athletes have shown: intravenous injection of 250 ml of 20% infusion solution of Actovegin improves aerobic performance, which allows to increase the time of exercising at the maximum possible power. And the amount of glucose transport is directly proportional to the dosage of Actovegin.

The most active is Actovegin with parenteral administration. Intramuscular injections are quite painful. In addition the solution of Actovegin is hypertonic: it is not recommended to exceed the permissible dose of 5 ml! For intramuscular injections- a dosage equal to 2-5 ml (80-200 mg) is usually used. Actovegin in tablets is also widely used.

For example, for training in the mid-altitude mountains (up to 3000 m high), it is recommended:
A) to administer 80 mg intramuscularly or intravenously (about two weeks) or
B) to take Actovegin orally (from 1-3 200mg tablets three times a day). The course of taking Actovegin lasts 2-6 weeks.

During intensive training, during all competitions - in all sports - Actovegin may be applied for recovery (it might be started already five days before such loads):
one tablet (200 mg) - 3 times a day
or 5 ml intramuscularly - 2 times in day,
or 200 mg intravenously - once a day.

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