Adaptol (Mebicar)

Adaptol - is an anxiolytic . Adaptol eliminates or reduces anxiety, fear, inner emotional tension and irritability. Calming effect is not accompanied by muscle relaxation and loss of coordination .
Adaptol does not reduce the mental and motor activity, so it can be used during the workday or school. Does not create elation , euphoria .
Adaptol hasn't any soporific effect, but enhances the effect of hypnotics and improves during sleep when violations.
Adaptol eases or removes nicotine abstinence .
The drug also has soothing nootropic action. Clinical studies have shown that Adaptol increases consistency , coherence, and speed of thinking , attention and improves mental performance without stimulating productive symptoms of psychopathological disorders : delirium, abnormal emotional activity .

Indications for use:

  • Neuroses and neurosis-like states that occur with symptoms of irritability, emotional instability , anxiety and fear
  • To improve the tolerability of antipsychotics and tranquilizers to eliminate somato-vegetative and neurological side effects they cause
  • Cardialgia of various origins, not associated with coronary artery disease
  • In the complex therapy as a means of reducing the craving to smoke tobacco

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Adaptol® (Mebicar)

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manufactured by TatHimPharm (Russia)
Name in Cyrillic : МЕБИКАР
Mebicar - is an anxiol..

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