Pirazidol is an antidepressant

Active substance: Pirlindol (Pirlindolum)


  • affective insanity
  • schizophrenia with affective disorders and involutional psychosis occurring with depression
  • depression, including with psychomotor retardation and asthenic disorders accompanied by anxiety and depression and anxiety and delusional components, anesthetic, and hypochondriacal neurosis-like symptoms
  • senile, involutional depression
  • depression and anxiety and depression in patients with alcoholism, especially in the period of withdrawal


50-75 mg per day in 2 divided doses, gradually increasing the dose on 25-50 mg per day;
therapeutic effect is achieved in 1-2 weeks at doses of 150-300 mg per day.
If necessary and good tolerability  - the dose of Pirazidol can be increased up to 400 mg per day.
After reaching the effect of treatment in an individual dose take Pirazidol  2-4 weeks, then gradually overturn.
When neurotic and reactive depression - smaller doses of Pirazidol are used.

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Name in Cyrillic : ПИРАЗИДОЛ

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