Picamilon is a nootropic that dilates the vessels of the brain. It also has psycho-stimulating, tranquilizing, antioxidant and antiplatelet effect.
Active substance : Nicotinoyl-GABA
Name in Cyrillic : ПИКАМИЛОН

Picamilon normalizes the metabolism of tissues and activates the functioning of the brain. Picamilon stimulates the blood circulation of the brain by reducing the resistance of blood vessels, suppressing platelet aggregation, improving microcirculation and increasing the rate of cerebral blood flow. Picamilon activates the physical and mental performance of the body, helps improve memory, reduce headache and normalize sleep. When applying Picamilon - the feeling of anxiety, tension and fear is minimized or completely lost, and the condition of patients with motor and speech disorders is significantly improved. The low toxicity of the drug and the effectiveness of small dosages make it possible to use it in gerontology and pediatric practice. Picamilon does not have embryotoxic, carcinogenic and teratogenic effects. It is not containdicated during the lactation period, not addictive.

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Picamilon® (Nicotinoyl-GABA)

50mg x 30 tabs

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