Selank® 0.15% 3ml nasal drops

Selank is a synthetic substitute for Tuftsin peptide, was created in USSR as a product for Soviet Army.

Now it's used in Russia for:
  • Neurasthenia
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Increased information load (especially schoolchildren or students in the examination period)
  • Sports and military service (the impact of intense muscular loads)
  • Professional activities (like work in difficult conditions and a high degree of responsibility of workers);
  • Conflicts, financial problems, concern for loved ones, etc.

Pharmacologic action of Selank:

  • reduces anxiety, fear, inner tension;
  • reduces the level of depression;
  • optimizes activities of emotional centers of the brain;
  • promotes efficiency,
  • improves concentration
  • enhances portability of stressful situations, especially when changing situation, changing the collective
  • improves sleep
  • stimulates memory thanks to the influence of education on all stages of the memory trace (storing, processing / structuring, media playback)
  • normalizes the function of the autonomic centers.

You are about to buy authentic Selank® nasal drops (made in Russia). Please take a note, that product may be labeled in Russian and provided with instructions in Russian. if you need instructions in English - you can download PDF file below

Name in Cyrillic : СЕЛАНК

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0.15 % 3ml nasal drops

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