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Eplun (aka Eplan) is a great regenerant, anti-seborrheic, bactericide, anti-aсne agent.
Eplun was developed for Russian Army needs as a wound-healing agent, then it has become widespread in medicine. This is actually 'must have' agent in a Family's Medicine Cabinet in Russia.

Name in Cyrillic : ЭПЛАН

Eplun is used for all types of burns, including chemical, solar, thermal and radiation. Eplun is used in the treatment of abrasions, cuts, scuffs and  any wounds at all stages of the wound process, as well as during first aid. Using of Eplun in the treatment of bruises and injuries helps to prevent the appearance of bruising.
The usage of Eplun significantly shortens the healing time for wounds and burns, and also prevents their infection. The use of Eplan with insect bites helps to remove itching and swelling. Eplun is also very effective in the treatment of numerous skin diseases. It is used to treat acne, microbial eczema, decubitus and various ulcers, psoriasis, various viral skin lesions - herpes, condylomas, warts.


Pustular lesions of the skin;
Burns of different etiology;
Staphylococcal and streptococcal skin lesions (pyoderma);
Ulcers of trophic etiology;
Eczema of microbial etiology;
Preventive measures to prevent odor of sweat;
Insect bites;
Itching itch.

Eplun is also used for the treatment of hands for the purpose of disinfection, but also for the hygienic treatment of the facial skin.
Given the wide range of effects on the body, Eplun can be used in almost all cases of skin lesions, one way or another associated with its damage or infection.

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Eplun (Eplan) ointment

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