• Levzeya-P (Leuzea)


Levzeya-P is a natural supplement that enhances mental and physical performance. Leusea has a tonic, adaptogenic, antioxidant effect. It facilitates the course of allergic reactions, dermatitis, asthmatic and autoimmune conditions, normalizes the activity of the endocrine system of the body; restores humoral and cellular immunity, has a nootropic and psycho-energizing action.

Each tablet contains : rhizomes of Rhapónticum carthamoídes (cryo powder) - 70mg, Vitamin C -10 mg, excipients: milk sugar, calcium stearinate, talc, titanium dioxide, methylcellulose, tween 80, dye carmoisin.

Name in Cyrillic : Левзея П

Manufactured by ParaPharm (Russia)

Cryoprocessing (cryo-grinding) is a revolutionary technology that was developed at Russian Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. The essence of this discovery lies in the fact that at the stage of grinding plant raw materials and removing moisture an ultralow temperature (-170 degrees Celsius) is used. This method of processing raw materials makes it possible to stop the processes of oxidation and aggregation. In addition, the main biologically active substances, which are associated with protein molecules, are released as a result, and as a result, a better absorption of the components of the drug occurs.
When cryoprocessing plants are ground to a state of flour of the highest category. This technology allows to achieve a high degree of content of useful substances. It is important that the content of beneficial vitamins, micro and macro elements, essential oils is slightly different from their percentage in raw materials. In addition, the natural proportions and forms of these substances are preserved.

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Levzeya-P (Leuzea)

205mg x 100 tablets

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