• Polyoxidonium® lyophilizate

Polyoxidonium® lyophilizate for solution for injections and topical application

Polyoxidonium is an immune modulator. Active substance : Azoximer bromide
Name in Cyrillic : ПОЛИОКСИДОНИЙ


Immunity correction and adults and children from 6 months.
In adults in complex therapy of:
  • chronic recurrent infection-inflammatory diseases resistant to standard therapy both inexacerbation and remission period;
  • acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections (including urogenital inflammatorydiseases);
  • Tuberculosis;
  • acute and chronic allergic disturbances (including pollinosis, bronchial asthma, atopicdermatitis) complicated with chronic recurrent bacterial and viral infection;
  • in oncology: during and after chemo- and radio- therapy for drugs’ immunosupprerssive,nephro- and hepatotoxic action alleviation;- for regeneration processes activation (fractures, burns, trophic ulcers);
  • rheumatoid arthritis after prolonged therapy with immunosuppressors; for ARI-complicatedrheumatoid arthritis therapy;
  • post-surgical infection-induced complications prophylaxis;
  • for ARI and influenza prophylaxis.
In children in complex therapy of:
  • acute and chronic viral, bacterial, and fungal infections (including diseases of ENT such assinusitis, rhinitis, adenoiditis, pharyngeal tonsil hypertrophy, ARIs);
  • acute allergic and toxico-allergic states;
  • bronchial asthma complicated with respiratory tract chronic infections;
  • atopic dermatitis complicated with purulent infection;
  • intestine dysbacteriosis (together aith specific therapy);
  • for often falling ill rehabilitation;
  • influenza and ARIs prophylaxis.

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Polyoxidonium® lyophilizate

lyophilizate for solution for injections and topical application

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