Yaz Metafolin is a birth control medicine available in a number of countries worldwide.

We supply 100% original Yaz pills manufactured by Bayer Shering Pharma AG for russian market.
Name in Cyrillic : Джесс Плюс

Each pill of "Yaz Metafolin" contains 3mg of Drospirenone + 0.02mg of Ethinylestradiol + 0.451mg of Metafolin (calcium levomefolat)

Indications : 
contraception intended primarily for women with  symptoms of hormone-dependent fluid retention in the body
contraception and treatment of mild forms of acne;
contraception in women with folate deficiency;
contraception in women with folate deficiency;

One pill per day must be taken according to the scheme on the box.
New kit must be started next day after previous one was finished.

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Yaz Metafolin®

28 pills

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