Valocordin drops

Genuine Valocordin (non Phyto-Valocordin) drops.

1ml of Valocordin drops contains : Phenobarbital 18,40 mg + Ethylbromisovalerinate 18,40 mg
excipients: peppermint oil, hop oil, ethanol 96%, purified water
20 drops of Valocordin is equal to 1ml

Name in Cyrillic : Валокордин

Indications :

functional disorders of the CVS (including cardialgia, sinus tachycardia);
neuroses, accompanied by irritability, anxiety, fear;
insomnia (difficulty falling asleep);
states of excitement, accompanied by pronounced autonomic reactions

Contraindications :

severe renal and / or liver dysfunction;
lactation period;
children under 18 years of age

Method of administration and dosage

Valocordin is taken before meals, with a small amount of liquid.
The dose is set individually.
Adults are usually prescribed 22-30 drops 3 times a day.
If falling asleep is disturbed, the dose can be increased to 45 drops.

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