• PK-Merz (Amantadine)

PK-Merz (Amantadine) pills

PK-Merz is a synthetic drug used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and Parkinson's syndrome. In addition PK-Merz is sometimes used as a medicine for complex viral diseases
Active substance: Amantadine - which has antiviral, antiparkinsonian and n-cholinolytic action. This allows the use of Amantadine as an effective drug for neuroleptic and post-traumatic Parkinsonism. The drug is most effective in akinetic and rigid forms. The influence of Amantadine on hyperkinetic syndrome (which is usually manifested in the form of a tremor) is much lower.

Manufactured by Merz Pharma (Germany)
Name in Cyrillic : ПК-Мерц

The therapeutic effect with the use of Amantadine comes quickly, you can notice significant improvements just in a few days of regular use of the drug. In order to enhance the effect of Amantadine it may be combined with other similar drugs or antiparkinsonian agents, such as L-dopa and anticholinergics.

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PK-Merz (Amantadine)


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