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Hypoxen is an antihypoxant and antioxidant.
It reduces oxygen consumption and increases the efficiency of the body in extreme situations.
Hypoxen has anti-hypoxic action by improving the efficiency of tissue respiration in hypoxia conditions, especially in high-level metabolic organs (brain, heart muscle, liver).
Hypoxen provides reducing of oxygen consumption with significant physical exertion, improving cell respiration, decreasing in mental and physical fatigue, the successful implementation of labor-intensive physical operations.


Hypoxen should be taken before or at the same time as food, with liquid. The average single dose is 2-4 capsules. The maximum daily dose can not exceed 12 capsules. It should be noted that the daily dose is calculated taking into account the body weight.

Hypoxen in sports

Hypoxen has a high efficiency when it is necessary to improve tissue respiration. Therefore it is successfully used by polar explorers, submariners, climbers and athletes.
You should be noted that if Hypoxen is taken continuously, the effectiveness of the drug is significantly reduced.

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