• Teturam® (Disulfiram)

Indications : Chronic alcoholism (if other treatments are not effective).

1 tablet contains 0.15g of Disulfiram

The mechanism of action

Teturam is a specific medication for alcohol dependence treatment. The active ingredient - disulfiram - disrupts the metabolism of alcohol. Disulfiram - is an inhibitor of the enzyme acetaldegiddehydrogenase. Inhibiting this enzyme disulfiram causes a shutdown of disintegration process of ethanol to water and carbon dioxide in the step of acetaldehyde, which poisons the tissue. In humans, drinking alcohol during treatment with Teturam, accumulation of acetaldehyde causes an acute intoxication accompanied by painful negative feelings (nausea, flush of blood to the face, vomiting, tachycardia, malaise, low blood pressure). This reaction with alcohol during treatment with Disulfiram is called disulfiram-ethanol reaction. Use of the Teturam is focusing on creation the patient's reflex - disgust to the smell and taste of ethanol.

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The drug is contraindicated in  hypersensitivity to its components, severe renal failure, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, severe respiratory failure, epilepsy, severe hepatic insufficiency.
Prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages or use drugs containing ethanol, less than 24 hours before taking of Teturam.
During pregnancy the use of Teturam is contraindicated.
Breast-feeding is required to stop.
Teturam must not be used in children.

Teturam is taken in the morning, during breakfast. The dose is 150-450 mg (1-3 tablets) a day for 7-10 days. After 7-10 days, the first disulfiram-alcohol test conducted. Repeated tests carried out in the hospital 1-2 days later, on an outpatient basis - after 3-5 days. Duration of therapy is set individually by doctor.

The treatment should be under medical supervision. Prior to initiating therapy  careful examination of the patient to identify absolute contraindications required.

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Teturam® (Disulfiram)

150mg x 30 tabs

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