• Alezan (2in1 gel) Horse Force

Alezan 2 in 1 gel (Horse Force serie)

Original combination of Alezan gel components takes cooling effect
immediately after application, and then it takes warming and relaxing effect.
Gel relieves overstrain and tiredness of muscles, edemas, inflammations,
painfulness, improves flexibility of joints, stimulates blood circulation; it has
anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.
Gel Alezan 2in1 is used in case of myositis, serous lymphadenitis,
tendinitis and peritendinitis, neuritis, radiculitis, plexitis, serous and fibrous
wind gal, injuries, sprains, dislocations of joints and hematomas as well as for prevention of chronic recrudescence of myopathy and arthropathy.

Gel Alezan contains the mixture of essential oils of cedar, fir, pink,
eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender; complex phyto-extract of cinquefoil, cade, myrtle, blooming sally, buckeye, elecampane, natural menthol, cayenne pepper oil, camphor, gum turpentine, water especially highly treated with silver ions, dimethyl sulfoxide, glycerol, chitosan, allantoin, amberat and additive agents.

Dosage and administration
Rub the gel with the help of a sponge in dry affected skin area 1–2 times a
day, and leave till complete absorption. To achieve more profound and longterm effect, an air-tight bandage may be used. Gel is easily absorbed without any fat spots. Avoid contact with mucous coats. Do not use on injured skin.

Store in closed original package, in the shadowed and moisture-proof
place, at the temperature from 5 to 25°С.

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Alezan (2in1 gel) Horse Force

100ml ointment

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