• Leuphasyl (Botox alternative)


Many women actively fighting premature aging are wondering: is there an effective alternative to botox without the risk of side effects? Fortunately it exists! Leuphasyl is a preparation of peptide origin, capable of reducing the depth of even the deepest facial wrinkles in a short period of application!
Getting on the skin of the face Leuphasyl penetrates into the deep layer of the epidermis, thereby significantly reducing the neuronal activity, which allows you to control the production of acetylcholine. Due to the neuroblocking effect, Leuphasyl rejuvenates and prevents aging.
Leuphasyl is advisable to apply to areas of active muscle work on the face. Such zones include: the entire forehead, including the brow ridges, nasolabial triangle, corners of the mouth, the zone of "crow's feet" under the eyes. In the diluted form, the optimal concentration of the drug is a percentage of 3 to 10%. We sell the drug in powder, so it lasts for a long time.
Leuphasyl can easily be combined with Argireline. Both drugs have a similar mechanism of action against the formation of wrinkles on the face, so they will perfectly complement each other, enhancing the overall effect. There are no contraindications to joint use. Both drugs work according to the principle of the action of Botulinum toxin type A.
You can buy Leuphasyl of excellent quality at a good price in the form of a powder. The powder is stored in the freezer for the longest time, up to five years. In the refrigerator the powder form is stored for 2 years, and at room temperature to six months. It is better to buy powder because it is stable, long to be stored, sparingly consumed.

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Leuphasyl (Botox alternative)

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