About our service

You can leave your feedback or see other customer's reviews about our service
on our Instagram page :  http://instagram.com/russianmeds

You have to understand that our service is a bit specific.

We provide you an ability to get meds which are not-available or hardly available in your country.

We believe that you are adult and fully understand what is usefull for your health and what is not, so we don't ask any prescription from you and ready to supply any medicine which we can get for ourselves.

We also provide service of Extrapackaging to prevent any incident on customs.Your government is overly concerned about you and doesn't allow sending medicines by mail. Please don't worry your items will be packed appropriately, and even if curious customs open your parcel for inspection - they don't find anything suspicious and you will receive your order in time. It's our business.

We work honestly and looking forward to do business on regular basis. 
Hope you understand that any negative feedback in internet can harm our business fatally and this is the main guarantee for you. You always can leave your feedback or see other customer's reviews at our Instagram page: http://instagram.com/russianmeds , any feedbacks from our customers are highly appreciated !

For your confidence you can look at feedbacks from our customers on Ebay. Some times ago we sent some of our meds through Ebay, but now it's impossible because of restrictions of Ebay's policy.http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=kazankoff&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller

For your confidence we also publish tracking information about previous orders we have shipped to our customers. You can check them online at RussianPost site, also at site of national postal service of the recipient country. With this information you can also get an idea of the timing of delivery of orders to your country.http://my.extrapharmacy.ru/ordershistory.php

Sure we will be old friends!

Sincerely yours 
Mikhail Kazankov
Extrapharmacy Online Store